Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence Day

I haven't posted for a long time, too much going on. I haven't even been making time to scrap much, although I did just fnish 6 layouts (small ones) for son and son's girlfriend of prom. I had such a blast taking those photos, then we had graduation (snif, snif) and job changes and more changes, and you know... life. We went ot Maui in March and snorkeled in Molokini Cove, just loved it so, for our anniversary, I gae hubby scuba diving lessons. Lots of people want to know how do you learn to scuba in the desert? Well, mostly we go to class and they have a salt water pool (heated, thank you very much) there onsite. Then we do one lake dive and three dives in the ocean (San Carlos or Catalina) then we get certified. Personally I am loving it, especially when I will get to do some underwater photography. How cool will that be? The photos I took in Hawaii underwater (those disposable ones) weren't too great. The scuba gear is expensive tho, why oh why can't I find a less expensive hobby? Okay, I am sure you are thinking, scrapping isn't expensive, just paper and such, well let me tell you, I have invested lots of $$ on paper, and furniture to hold the paper, and organizers and drawers and pens and adhesive. Let's just say, by the time I have bought a regulator, bc and wet suit, I will have scratched the surface of the amount I have spent on scrapping supplies... gotta love it. I am off to son's girlfriends parents house for a wonderful bbq and swim party, and to see some fire works! Happy 4th of July, happy independence day!


At 8:08 PM , Blogger Kim said...

Cool to have you back in the blogging world - u hadn't posted in so long, I stopped looking - - - Please keep it up! So wishing u were headed to CE this year!


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